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A Glossary of Horse Racing and Betting Terms

Horse racing and betting are popular activities in many countries. From the United Kingdom to the United States, horse racing fans have a variety of terms, phrases, and customs to learn when getting into the sport. Whether you’re a casual fan who enjoys a bit of wagering on the side or a serious punter looking to make a living from the sport, understanding the terminology associated with horse racing and betting can go a long way.

Common Horse Racing Terminology

First and foremost, understanding basic horse racing terms is essential for anyone interested in the sport. Some of the most common terms that horse racing fans need to understand include:

Handicapping: Handicapping is the process of analyzing past races and forms to determine the chances of a horse competing and winning. Through this process, bettors are able to make more educated bets upon assessing the various factors, such as a horse’s past performance, race distance, and the overall quality of the competition. 

Jockey: This term refers to the person who rides a horse during a race. Jockeys are pivotal to horse racing, as they can determine the horse’s pace during the race and execute strategies to help the horse win.

Odds: Odds determine the probability of a horse winning a race. Unlike other sports, the odds in horse racing can change rapidly due to the number of variables that affect a race, such as track conditions and the number of horses running. 

Odds-on Favored: This is a phrase used to describe the horse that is most likely to win the race. After examining the handicapping data, the ‘odds-on favorite’ is often the horse that most bettors will put money on. 

Post Time: This is the set time that the race is scheduled to begin. A horse’s post time is sometimes used to determine its chances of success in the race, as horses tend to perform better when they have less time to prepare for the race.

Understanding Betting Terminology

There are a few terms that one needs to understand before placing a bet on Singapore Pools horse racing

Parimutuel Betting: This isn’t a single bet placed on a horse to win, but rather a collective pool of money bet by multiple punters. This type of betting sees the winnings paid out to the punters based on the percentage of the money they put into the pool.

Win: Betting on a horse to win means one puts their money on the horse to come first in the race.

Place: Betting on a horse to place means one bet on the horse coming first, second, or third in the race.

Show: A show bet is one in which the punter bets on a horse to place first, second, third, or fourth in the race.

Exacta: This is a bet in which the punter bets on two horses to come first and second in the race, with the order of the finish being considered.

Trifecta: This is a bet in which the punter bets on three horses to come first, second, and third in the race and the correct order. 


Horse racing and betting are popular sports worldwide, but understanding the detail and specific terminology is essential to success. Hopefully, this glossary of horse racing and betting terms will help those new to horse racing and betting make more informed decisions.

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